Empathetic design for products, brands, and people.


Sarah Kilpatrick

I am an empathetic and creative team leader who has lead product strategy and design for products reaching millions of customers. I have 10+ years experiences leading user experience for teams across SaaS, mobile and desktop platforms. I currently work at AppDynamics, leading a team of designers to define the overall product experience for end-to-end customer journeys.

Over my career, I've had the unique experience of building products for designers both at Adobe and InVision. I've spent hundreds of hours with dozens of creative teams during product research to understand how best in class design teams work, and apply those learnings every day to lead my team. My strength as a leader comes from thinking critically about product strategy and encouraging my team to spend most of their time in the discovery process. Beautiful design is derived from the critical thought process. 

Great experiences come from great teamwork. I pride myself on bringing teams (engineering, marketing, PM and everyone in between) together to bring a product to life. Together we partner to create engaging experiences which move the needle in everything we deliver.